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Thoughts on China

Some people have asked me how I feel about all the protests and backlash against China and the upcoming Olympic games so I figured I would write a little bit about it and if folks wanted to comment we could have a little discussion. Let me start off by… more »
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More on China and web censorship

We haven't talked about this for a while, but today I heard a very informative and balanced report on China's internet censorship on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer podcast (feed). The report talks about a company called UltraReach that provides… more »
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More China Photos Up Gallery :: China Now that Danny has the Gallery up and running I decided to upload the rest of my China pictures. Check them out. I divided them up by places I went to. If any of my China friends are reading this and have any pics to… more »
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Am I Weird?

So I'm looking through all my China pictures just now and all I can think of is this: Did that actually happen? I know that is a strange thought to have, but dude, sometimes I still can't believe the last 10 months of my life. Actually, I can't… more »
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The Next Step

I've made the decision not to return to China. I strongly believe it's for the best. Right now I need to focus on staying healthy mentally and being around people I love. So I'm finally moving back to Southern California. I have no idea what I'm… more »
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Fantastic Harbin Ice Festival Pics

R Todd King: China Photos 2005 - Harbin Winter This guy's Ice Festival pictures are way better than mine. Check them out. I'm bummed I didn't make it to the snow festival. I'll have to check that out next year. more »
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Driving For Books

I finally finished The Dark Tower series, reading 5 of the 7 books since this summer. That's 3184 pages. I also recently started reading a book my counselor recommended, Codependend No More. It's really great and has helped me make some sense of a… more »
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While I Was Sleeping

So I woke up this morning at 6:00 AM. I was wide awake. I forgot what it was like to have a morning routine. Before my vacation I was waking up with just enough time to shower and get out the door. Then when I was on vacation morning simply did not… more »
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Yay for WiFi

I found an open WiFi connection here so that is fantastic. Things are going pretty darn well. Just got off the phone with Gringo. If anyone else wants to give me a ring, e-mail me for my phone number. I met with my counselor for the first time… more »
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Time Travel

Tomorrow I am leaving Harbin at 8:00 AM. I will be arriving in San Francisco at 10:45 AM the same day. Ah, the wonders of crossing back over the international dateline. I am excited about coming back to the States for awhile, but I'm also nervous. I… more »
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More Baby Steps

I wanted to let you guys know what is going on in case I can't give updates for awhile. I'm pretty sure I will be able to, but you never know. I met with a psychologist that works for my employer today and together we decided that the best option for… more »
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Chef BrendoMan

I look like crap in this picture because I've been sick but I took it anyway because I was successfully able to make Zucchini Casserole all on my own. I've never baked anything before so this is a pretty big achievement for me. more »
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Still Sick

This weather is really beating the crap out of me for the moment. I can't feel my nose anymore from blowing it so much. Gah. I think my sickness was the reason I got upset over Honzo's announcement that he's moving his site to his own domain. If… more »
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Temperature Shock

Man, I am all dried up from this temperature change. My nose is so stuffed up I can't even blow it. My lips keep getting chapped. I've been drinking tons of water. I think I'm getting better though. This is what happens when you go from 80 degree… more »
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We made it safe and sound to Thailand yesterday. So now I'm chilling out in Chiang Mai until our conference starts on the 1st. It's really nice here. Hot and sunny. The exact opposite of Harbin. They have Baskin Robbins, Sizzler, Burger King, and a… more »
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Hong Kong Pictures

Here are some pictures of me in Hong Kong. It's been great here so far. We are leaving for Thailand on Monday. I'm pretty excited for that, but I will miss HK as well. There are so many cool things to see and do here. Yesterday was probably my… more »
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Hong Kong

Whew! It's been a really fun and somewhat crazy week. I'm in Hong Kong right now. We got here yesterday. Xi'an was pretty darn cool. We actually stayed in Weinan, a city about an hour away. The Terra Cotta warriors were pretty darn cool and the… more »
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In The Books

I'm officially done with my first semester as a teacher here. I finished calculating my last grade just now. All I have to do is turn them in to my boss tomorrow. Some of my friends from another province are coming in tomorrow and we are going to the… more »
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So I got a new coffee maker yesterday. I don't think it boils the water long enough, because I have been puking since 5 AM this morning. Gah. Gah indeed. I can't give my final exam today. I can't eat anything. On the plus side of things, I found… more »
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Back From Freezing

I got back from our little ski trip awhile ago. I didn't actually get to go skiing though because they didn't have boots my size. It turned out to be cool though because it was only a little bunny hill with a tow rope and I got extra time to drive a… more »
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Ski Trip

I had my last classes today. Now I just have to give my final exams next week and I'm done with my first semester of a teacher. Since I'm not that far removed from being on the receiving end of a killer final exam, I'm really having a heart for my… more »
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Busy Weekend

No, I'm not dead. Maybe the rest of the crew is though. Dustin, one of my old friends from San Diego who is teaching in Shenyang right now, came to visit. It's been fun. Another good thing is that we finally have our travel pans for vacation pretty… more »
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Lions and Tigers and More Tigers

Last weekend I went with some friends to the Manchurian Tiger preserve here in China. Here are some pics. They're too big to display here on the page, so I'm just putting up text links. In the caged bus Here There Be Tigers White Tiger Outside the… more »
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NPR in China

NPR : On the Road in China Check out this great NPR feature on China. more »
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So True...

From cells to bells, 10 things the Chinese do far better than we do A comparative list compiled by JAN WONG @ I can honestly attest to the truth of all of these. I don't have a cell phone yet though. I was waiting until I had purchases… more »
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