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Letting the Days Go By

I don't know how it happened, but I'm hopelessly addicted to Animal Crossing again, this time on the Wii. I didn't think I would be that into it since it's so similar to the DS version, but really that is all I need. My schedule literally rotates… more »
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WTF of the Day: Frys In Store Pickup Is Useless

So I want to buy a Wii. Apparently between Saturday afternoon when I saw Wiis everywhere and last night when I went to buy a Wii, everyone went Wii crazy and bought them all. They were sold out everywhere in my area. So just now I went to… more »
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Now I Must Have a Wii

Holy crap. Excitebike World Rally + Epic Mickey = I officially have to have a Wii. I've really enjoyed playing Wii at my various friends' houses but I keep putting off buying one. I don't think I can for much longer. more »
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Happy President's Day!

I'm at work, but at least I'm getting holiday pay. So hooray for that. I haven't had much to say lately. Just a couple things: I got a 196/200 on my first Intro to Programming test. The average was about 160, so I'm very happy. I got a couple… more »
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Brothers Chaps Release Wii-Friendly Versions of Games

The Brothers Chaps, the guys behind Homestar Runner and those awesome Videlectrix games, have released Wii-friendly versions of Strong Bad Zone, Secret Collect, Kid Speedy, and Population: Tire. Just point your Wii browser to this page. The page also… more »
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Posting from wii

This is pretty darn cool, especially with our projector. I am going to play games now. more »
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Busy Again

Duncan got a Wii, which means we all have a Wii here at the apartment. It's been keeping us quite busy. Chris is the mack at Wii Boxing but I beat everyone in Bowling. We can't get the Wii Store to work yet even though our internet is working and we… more »
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Posting from my Wii

Sweet sassy molassy, this is pretty sweet. The thing I don't like is that it automatically adds 'us' after every period. Mos def could benefit from a keyboard though, the remote doesn't really cut it. It's still in beta so I don't know what features… more »
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