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Review: Clubhouse Games (DS) Games : Clubhouse Games Last week I redeemed my Best Buy Bucks I obtained playing Monopoly at McDonalds. Best Buy and other retailers recently lowered the price on this game to a very reasonable $29.99 so I decided to take the plunge.… more »
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WoW Withdrawals

So I haven't played WoW in over a week thanks to the move and the fact that I've been working a lot. Now that I can play for awhile there is a big patch to download and Blizzard's servers are getting slammed. We do have quite a few other diversions… more »
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DS Lite is on the way News : New Nintendo DS Lites The Way For Mario The DS Lite will hit our shores on June 11th and retail for $129.99. There will also be a bundle with New Super Mario Bros. I need to head over to Gamestop and get my pre-order in! more »
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Friend Codes

A few peeps have been asking me for my friend codes for my DS games, so I figured I would put them in one handy post so I don't have to keep fishing for them. Here we go: Metroid Prime Hunters: 0988 5186 5569 Tetris DS: 820228 599132 Animal… more »
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Busy Being a Nerd

Now that I have Tetris DS and Metroid Prime Hunters in my hands, posting will be a little light. And then I'm going on vacation. Sorry guys. I stayed up waaay too late last night. Phil and I went over to his brother Dave's house and we played… more »
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Why Get a DS Lite?

Which DS? Yeah, I'm totally drooling over the DS Lite. I'm definitely going to get one as an early birthday present. The big rumor is that it will be released in May here in the U.S. and bundled with the New Super Mario Bros. game. I really dig how… more »
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Two Games I Cannot Wait For News : Players Can Battle Wirelessly and Talk Smack with Metroid Prime Hunters I am so stoked on Metroid Prime Hunters. The online play is going to be fantastic and the regular single player stuff sounds great too. I love Metroid Prime… more »
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