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Video of the Day: The People vs. George Lucas Trailer

This is definitely my kind of documentary as it details a generation's love/hate relationship with the man who created (and some would argue ruined) Star Wars. My good friend Matt Cohen was interviewed for the film, which makes its debut at South by… more »
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The Dragonball trailer had been set to debut on December 12 in front of IMAX screenings of Keanu Reeves' The Day the Earth Stood Still remake, but news emerged early this morning on that it will not be ready in time for the… more »
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XBLA GoldenEye Was Real, Nearly Done, Now Dead more »
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Video of the Day: The Ultimate Nooooooo!

This is pretty awesome. I think it actually shows that Bruce Campbell beats out Anakin for being master of the "Noooooo!" more »
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Just because

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Lucas gets half a brain - Original 'Star Wars' films coming to DVD - May 4, 2006 This time, "Star Wars," "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" will be available individually and appear on DVD exactly as they did in their respective theatrical runs in… more »
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Animated Gif of the Day

The Empire Strikes Back This is an amazing feat of GIF animation. Check it out. more »
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10hr time-lapse lego Star Destroyer

Lego Star Destroyer - Saturday night Michi and I finally assembled my Lego Star Destroyer. It took us close to 10 hours (we started around midnight). We let my webcam take a picture every five seconds and made a stop motion video out of the pictures… more »
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Pudge is With Me

Journal of pudge (3605) Sith was just a terrible movie. Sorry. I went in thinking I would like it. I didn't. Maybe if the climactic seen of the entire six-movie series weren't the least believable scene in any movie of recent memory, I'd have liked… more »
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AT-AT Boombox vs iPod

I know, I suck at photoshop, but it is a good idea for someone who is skilled. more »
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Vader "NOOOOO!" of the Day.

Vader on Wheel of Fortune Obi-Wan's old padawan takes a spin on the "Wheel" - "of" - "Fortune"! more »
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Forget the Tie Fighter Case Mod

Check out the AT-AT Boom Box. more »
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Vader Takes A Ride

NOOOller Coaster Oh man, I just got a good laugh. See what happens when the Dark Lord takes a ride on a roller coaster. more »
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Nifty Episode 3 Stuff

Star Wars: Episode III | Episode III Easter Egg Hunt Here's a detailed list of cameos and other bits you might have missed in the movie. more »
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Star Wars III Review List.

Here are some reviews of Star Wars III. Carmine Granucci - revenge of the sith… Brendan - Revenge of the Sith Roland - Darth Morgan Parableman - Sith Exclusivism and Absolutism Gene Edward Veith - Movie review: Star Wars III: The… more »
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Something I Can Get Behind

It's about time someone took action. Not that Lucas will listen. Okay, that's enough Star Wars for me today. more »
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Carmine agrees with me: In my opinion, Revenge of the Sith seemed rushed. It seemed Lucas was just trying to close things out real quick. Every character in the movie seemed to have a bit part, and there wasn’t much character development, except for… more »
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Star Wars III on DVD

Star Wars III on DVD - I wouldn't bid on this unless you want to end up in big trouble. Update: It got taken down, but here's a screencap. (via Digg) more »
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$50 Million

We are all George Lucas' bitch. more »
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-B ? What?

Revenge of the Sith - Honzo, knowing that I don't know anything worthwhile. Your trip to Berkley has clearly slowed your mind. more »
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Revenge of the Sith

I completed my 3 for 3 streak of Prequel midnight showings last night. Episode 2 will always have a special place in my heart because it was one of our biggest and best gatherings. Honzo, Smiles, Gringo, Eric, Jeremy, Lisa, Meredith, and… more »
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Quiz Time

Hat tip to Honzo for the super geeky quiz. more »
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You know what this thing needs?

Way Beyond Empty: how lightsabers work It needs a "make a laser sword" button. Then it would totally rock. more »
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Kevin Smith raves about Revenge of the Sith

Kevin Smith's review of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith is up at Ain't it Cool dot com. I only read the first few sentences because it contains spoilers, but apparently he really loves it. He says - "Revenge of the Sith" is, quite simply, f---ing… more »
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Stars Wars series coming to TV,,11069-1587389,00.html I can see it now... more »
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